Eva Mendes addresses reports she’s quit acting

Even though her last role was seven and a half years ago, Eva Mendes says she “never stopped acting.”

Since 2011, she is a mother of two children with Ryan Gosling, father of two. i gave it to instagram On Friday, we’ll address numerous reports claiming she’s retired from Hollywood.

Mendes, 48, posted a video montage that flashed several headlines discussing her long absence from the entertainment industry, with captions explaining how she chose to put her family first.

“I wanted to stay home with my baby,” she said of her daughters Esmerelda, 8, and Amada, 6. “Fortunately, my other business venture is doing that rather than acting. made possible.

The entrepreneur, investor, and celebrity ambassador’s last role was in the 2015 fantasy thriller Lost River, directed by Gosling, 41.

In an Instagram post, she explained that the parts presented after that film were not up to her standards.

Eva Mendes "Lost River."
Her last role was in the 2015 film Lost River, which she said was “a tough act to follow.”
Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection

“At the time, I wasn’t thrilled with the stereotypical role that was offered to me,” she wrote, calling “Lost River” a “dream project” and a “hard act to follow.”

“What’s the point of this post? To change that story,” she concluded.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling leaving a restaurant.
“I wanted to stay home with my baby,” Mendes said of daughters Esmerelda and Amada, whom he shares with Ryan Gosling.

Earlier this year, the ‘Hitch’ star clarified what was needed for her to break her nearly eight-year hiatus from television and movies. (However, she voiced the character in her one episode of the Australian animated children’s show Bluey last year.)

“I have a short list of things I do,” she confessed on “The View” in March.

Mendes has previously said motherhood changed the projects she took on.


*EXCLUSIVE* Eva Mendes wears what appears to be an engagement ring as seen on a hike with Ryan Gosling and his daughters

Mendes has previously said motherhood changed the projects she took on.



“I’m down to host some lovely events and stay…

“Before I had kids, it was a fun project, but now I don’t want to do violence, I don’t want to do sexuality. The list is short.

When asked if she would consider taking on the role if she met her criteria, Mendez replied, “It has to be nice and clean.” ”

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