Ethan Page Names Artists He Wants To Rap In AEW Ring

All Elite Wrestling has shared musical talent as part of its programming, especially in New York. Ethan Page wants the trend to continueeven if it gets a little “weird”.

“Everyone in AEW hangs out with rappers for one reason or another,” Paige said on Twitter.

Tony Kahn I took note of Paige’s suggestion and shared a GIF of 1984’s “Ghostbusters.” “$5,000? The page gave Khan a similar reaction, tweeting“It’s okay. Maybe MJF can get his money back with all the money you gave him.”

Then, perhaps inevitably, Danhausen spoke up with his own suggestion.

“Tony Elite” he tweeted to his boss“Can you forget everything Egon asks for and get Danhausen Elvira?” Khan did not object to the idea.

“AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam” Fabolous accompanied Swerve In Our Glory, and DJ Who Kidd joined The Accredited’s side. Diamante also had Trina by his side in the dressing room with Jade Cargill. Cargill responded by I pitched it to Cardi B “Do one” with her on AEW. On this Friday’s “AEW Rampage,” she can be seen ringside Diamante as Trina challenges Cargill for her TBS Championship.

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