Eric Bischoff recalls receiving the last of his punches during a backstage confrontation with Ric Flair – Wrestling Inc.

Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair have had turbulent histories together, to say the least. in a special bonus episode of83 weeks,” Bischoff said in one of the bizarre encounters the two WWE Hall of Famers had before an episode of “WWE Raw” in 2003, when Ric Flair attacked Bischoff on his “television station.” I talked about one.

According to Bischoff, he did much of his work from an office set used during his tenure as general manager of “Raw,” which also had its own bathroom. “So I would hijack it,” Bischoff explained, not just because of the amenities, but because it allowed him to do some of his actual work in television production.

“So I’ve been talking to my wife and my lawyer…we’ve been talking about closing down part of the property,” Bischoff explained. [Jonathan Coachman] will also enter. My coach and I were pretty tight, so it didn’t really bother me,” Bischoff says Flair threatened to pull Bischoff’s eye out and yelled at the former WCW president.

“I think it’s a rib,” Bischoff explained, noting that he had a beer at the Marriott with Rick and Earn the week before the incident. I don’t think I said a word — I told him to get up and get out of his chair.He’s so pissed, he’s bleeding.He’s got blood all over his body.He’s got his lips I bit my chin.” The coachman’s presence and lack of concern from backstage agent Arn Anderson led Bischoff to believe it was all part of the scene.

I’m having a puncture

“Suddenly, Rick started shooting at me,” said Bischoff. “He hit me three times… hey. They were punching, so this confused me even more. He connected three times, but barely. So I thought it was really in the ribs.” Yes, I got a flat tire.

Bischoff says he put down the phone and confronted Rick, saying, “I’m not going to fight you.” Bischoff kept telling Rick that he wasn’t going to fight him, but Anderson just stood there even though it was his job to break up the fight. Slaughter and possibly Gerald Briscoe finally came to his aid, sort of breaking up the fight.

Bischoff says he went up to Vince, revealed his side of the story, and then talked about the “WWE Raw” episode as if nothing had happened.

The relationship between Flair and Bischoff has always been a source of irritation and confusion for Bischoff. The person who agreed to sit across from Flair He said he would open up about the differences between the two, but would refrain from turning it into a social media or podcast spectacle.

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