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Empty Swiss cemetery gets new life

Cemetery plots in Switzerland are not eternal. High fees and time limits ensure regular plot rotation. RTS reports that some cemeteries are empty as the number of cremations increases.

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A single burial plot in the Lausanne cemetery can only be taken out for a maximum of 30 years and may be renewed for a further period of up to 30 years. Due to the decline, some cemeteries are empty.

In the city of Friborg, where cremation has certainly outstripped burial, the city is considering the possibility of turning part of one of its cemeteries (Saint-Leonard) into a park. Part of the burial ground is already a flower meadow. However, some may be diverted to parks. It is important that these areas do not become places used for sports or recreation, but said one who is seeing change.

The Famous Burial Lot Educational Trail is another idea. Friborg has preserved 180 burial sites for historical reasons.

A funeral director in Friborg said that in 1980 25% chose cremation and 75% chose burial. Today, 90% choose cremation.

The problem of what to do with disused cemeteries is less of an issue in small towns, where they can easily be restored to their original state. In cities, cemeteries are often surrounded by urban areas.

Another change was that I almost lost my job. Many tombstone manufacturers went bankrupt.

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