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Employers are increasingly funding first-class commuting because of crowded trains

Due to crowded trains and a tight labor market, more and more employers are offering first-class train commutes to their employees. BNR Report based on figures from mobility provider Shuttel.

“Costs will certainly increase, but in times when the labor market is very tight, employee satisfaction will also increase. Grumpy staff who had to stand the entire train journey no one wants,” Shuttel’s Klaas Pieter Roemeling told the station.

Having first class seats also gives employees the opportunity to work on the train. “Some companies prefer not to work in crowded compartments. One major consultancy believes it is better to travel first class for privacy reasons.

Shuttel has also noticed that employers are trying to entice employees to use public transport for sustainability purposes. “There is an increase in various industries. Especially large companies such as the insurance and consultancy industries, but also governments are very conscious of this. They have clear goals when it comes to sustainability. .”

SMEs lag behind large companies in this regard. “Companies with 100 employees are increasingly focused on sustainability and eventually there will be breakthroughs. It was two years ago that big companies actually started electrifying their vehicles. Now they are focusing on public transport and more sustainability, which has taken time, so we will see similar developments in SMEs in the next few years.”

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