Emma Radukhanu Revisits the Best as She Advances to the Korea Open Semi-Finals

Emma Radukhanu vs Magda Lynette live scores Korea Open 2022 – AFP

  • Radukhanu wins third straight since US Open

  • Brit still hasn’t lost a set in Seoul

  • Play against No. 1 seed Ostapenko or Kasintseva in the semi-finals

Emma Radukhanu advanced to the Korea Open semi-finals with a comfortable 6-2, 6-2 victory over Poland’s Magdalenet in Seoul.

Radukhanu has won his third straight in the South Korean capital, becoming the first player to win three straight tournaments since his stunning victory at the 2021 US Open.

The 19-year-old will face Estonia’s No. 1 seed Jelena Ostapenko or Andorra’s teenager Victoria Jimenez Kasintseva in the final.

After falling at the first hurdle in his US Open title defense last month, Radukanu dropped from a career-best 10th to 77th in the world rankings.

But Britain’s number two, who beat Japan’s Moeka Uchishima and Belgium’s Janina Wickmayer earlier this week, has rediscovered her best.

Radukanu got off to a great start, breaking Lynette twice and comfortably holding his serve to take a 5-1 lead before winning the first set 6-2 after 35 minutes.

Lynette, who lost last week’s Chennai Open final to Czech Republic teenager Linda Hrvirtova, quickly fought back in the second round and won love in her opening service game.

The 30-year-old then led 40-0 on Ladukanu’s serve, but Radukanu dug deep and saved three break points to take her third win in the next game against her serve. He gave a strong blow to his opponent and came in 2nd place. -1 is ahead.

Radukanu held serve and broke Lynette for his fourth break of the match, building a 4-1 lead.

Lynette edged the deuce game on the next serve to extend the match, but Radukhanu maintained dominance by winning another service game and loving to close out the match at 1 hour and 16 minutes.

Emma Raducanu Beats Magda Lynette Comfortably: If It Happened

10:32 am

The moment victory is decided

10:21 am

Raducanu wins Lynette 6-2 6-2

Radukhanu again hit the baseline and showed a great display of power and shotmaking. She leads by her 30-0 and is approaching the semi-finals.

She found another winner with a stunning backhand. And at the next point she moves to the easiest winner after Lynette’s return is weeks away.

that’s it! Radukhanu won his three-game streak in six sets for the first time since last year’s US Open.

10:16 am

Raducanu* 6-2, 5-2 Lynette (* indicates next server)

The close game went to Lynette, who is slipping away from here now. Radukanu is 30-0 on serve, but Lynette’s wide serve reduces some of the damage.

Lynette has enough to hold on to, but Radukanu fills the role.

10:11 am

Raducanu 6-2, 5-1 Lynette* (* indicates next server)

It’s turning into a cruise for Radukhanu, who has his third and fourth aces. The former US Open champion is now one game away from the semifinals.

10:07 am

Raducanu* 6-2, 4-1 Lynette (* indicates next server)

Linette’s previous match lasted 2 hours and 46 minutes, so that may have taken its toll. Unforced from the pole His error allowed Radukhanu to serve and he was able to take it back 15-15. Taking another break, we have to think about Lynette’s curtains.

Another great forehand from Raducanu moved 30-15 and completed beautifully.

And just like in the first set, Radukhanu ruthlessly tries to break his serve! Now set and double break.

10:03 am

Raducanu 6-2, 3-1 Lynette* (* indicates next server)

Radukhanu starts right after the break with a wide serve that Lynette can’t handle. However, on his second serve, Lynette scored the next point to bring him level at 15–15.

However, Radukhanu scored 18/18 points on his first serve before Lynette’s forehand winner leveled the game again. But Radukhanu’s first her serve once again proves to be strong enough and she retains an important game.

09:59 am

It’s like restarting the game

Raducanu tries to keep the slack by hitting a few balls.

09:54 am

Magda Lynette is taking a medical timeout

A very important service game for Raducanu is coming.

09:52 am

Raducanu* 6-2, 2-1 Lynette (* indicates next server)

It was a body blow for Lynette that failed to win the match against serve. Lynette’s forehand was called long, and Raducanu took his 30-0 lead.

Raducanu has several breakpoints. What a turning point this is!

And Radukanu delivers. Now there is a clear path to victory. Sets and breakups.

9:48 am

Raducanu 6-2, 1-1 Lynette* (* indicates next server)

Linette is now gearing up for her job, closing in after a drop shot and scoring one of the match’s points.

Paul’s backhand proved effective and she scored her first break point in the match. But Radukhanu shows her courage to score her next two points and she gives herself an unlikely hold chance from 40-0 down.

Raducanu hit another forehand and went back to deuce. Her next winner is just as good, this time going crosscourt.Advantage her Radukhanu. Lynette fails to respond to another Radukhanu first on her serve and it’s another hold.

09:41 am

2nd set: Radukanu* 6-2, 0-1 Lynette (* indicates next server)

This set had a much better start than Lynette’s first, serving more freely and winning the game she loved. I’m warming up a little.

09:37 AM

1st set: Radukanu 6-2 Lynette

Radukhanu maintained his record of not dropping a point on his first serve in the match to take a 30-15 lead.

Linette responds to level the game, but Raducanu steps up and flushes his second ace of the match. The Englishman has a set point, but Lynette saves it with a better play from the baseline.

However, Radukhanu produced a backhand coker to win the first set. 5 sets in a row this week.

09:31 am

Raducanu* 5-2 Linette (* indicates next server)

Lynette benefited from a big slice of luck with a wacky winner who cut through the net after Lynette scored the first two points on her serve. Then Ladukanu’s crosscourt her backhand pops out and Lynette scores the next hold for her. Radukanu offers services in the following sets:

09:27 am

Raducanu 5-1 Linette* (* indicates next server)

Radukhanu extends his lead to 15-0 from here with two holds to serve to win the set.

There are great things from both in the following rally, but Radukanu’s reliable return takes too long. Radukhanu 30-15 up.

A hard forehand from Raducanu to move to 40-15. A clever drop shot then proved decisive and this is another service game. Very impressive from Raducanu.

09:21 am

Raducanu* 4-1 Lynette (* indicates next server)

Lynette worked hard for the first point on her serve, but she won it with a two-handed backhand. Lynette’s excellent wide her serve put Radukhanu down her 30-0.

Lynette found her rhythm and another ace won the first game of the match. Lynette on the scoreboard after a tough start.

9:18 am

Raducanu 4-0 Linette* (* indicates next server)

Now Raducanu is ruling from deep inside the court, with Lynette scrambling everywhere. Radukhanu’s backhand is very effective so far. Another service game definitively saw him claim 40-15. She’s only 15 minutes into the game, but she’s in charge of this first set.

9:14 am

Raducanu* 3-0 Lynette (* indicates next server)

Ladukanu’s Lynette serve was too short, but Paul had a strong response at 15-15.

However, Lynette has struggled to match Radukhanu in the rally, making good use of angles on his backhand to score two break points.

And there it is! What a start and double farewell this was for Radukhanu. If she keeps this up, it could be her most impressive show in a while.

9:10 am

Raducanu 2-0 Linette* (* indicates next server)

Can Raducanu cement that break and win her first service game? After a solid start with an ace, she volleyed another winner by firing Lynette wide to move into the net. . Her 30-0 to Radukhanu.

Her next serve is too hot for Lynette to handle, 40-0.

Raducanu looked very strong in the early stages and won the match with a great forehand.

09:07 am

1st set: Raducanu* 1-0 Lynette (* indicates next server)

Raducanu aims to show his power and dictate from the baseline. Lynette made a few low serve serves early on and Lynette established his 30-0 lead.

A better serve is slightly bigger with Raducanu missing a 30-15 Linette backhand. Lynette recovered to his 30-30 after Radukanu’s forehand was too strong.

Radukhanu won the next rally and had a break point, that break! Lynette challenges her shot down at the called line but is out.

A perfect start from Radukhanu against the third seed.

09:01 am


Raducanu wins the toss and receives.

08:58 AM

Radukanu Stands in Court

The odds suggest that the winner of this match will face No. 1 seed Ostapenko in the next round.

8:50 am

Maria wins

A convincing 6-1, 6-1 victory. Radukhanu is next on Center Court in Seoul.

8:40 am

Tatjana Maria doing light work for Zhu Lin

The German won the first set 6-1 and leads 4-1 in the second. This should mean Radukhanu will be on the court at 9am, barring a notable comeback.

2:18 p.m.

Can Raducanu march in South Korea?

good morning. Welcome to coverage of how Emma Raddukhanu, who faces Poland’s Magda Lynette in the last eight of the Korea Open, has bounced back after her first-round loss at the US Open.

Radukanu reached this stage after a 6-3 7-5 victory over Belgian Janina Wickmayer on Thursday morning.

Britain’s world number one and sixth seed, who has been plagued by injuries, has decided to move forward here in Seoul after failing to defend her Grand Slam title in New York and losing out in the second round at last week’s Slovenia Open. I am determined.

“My goal on the court is to try to swing more and more freely each match, and my other goal is to try to stay in Korea as long as possible,” she said. .

“Last week I just had a lot of training and my legs struggled a bit. And like I said, the rest of the year is just trying to get physically stronger for next year.

“So, just like before the game today, I am training for 90 minutes on the court and trying to get in shape.

“And it sometimes comes with minor issues. At the moment, it’s just me managing it, but I knew it would be of greater benefit, so I bought the process.”

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