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Eindhoven Glow last weekend and the Amsterdam Light Festival in December. 1

If you still want to check out GLOW Eindhoven, hurry up. Eindhoven’s Festival of Lights ends this weekend. The Amsterdam Light Festival opens on his December 1st.

theme of Glow ’22 Urban skin. “Urban, because we are again involving cities and their inhabitants. ‘ said the organizers.

The light art event will consist of over 30 unique works of art, including samples created by 20,000 school students, to be screened at the Van Abbe Museum. “Indoor and outdoor projections in the city where light and water alternate.”

Can’t go to Eindhoven this weekend, but would you like to participate in the light art experience? The Amsterdam Light Festival will be held from 1st to 22nd December he in the Dutch capital. This year’s theme is Imagine Beyond, featuring 20 new light artworks by local and international artists.

The organizers say, “We take you on a journey into the world of imagination. gentleman.

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