Eddie Kingston defends current generation against critics who don’t think they’re tough

Eddie Kingston isn’t afraid to share his thoughts and feelings real situation and his depression, anxiety, and overall mental healthhas bravely shared his story with ‘The Player’s Tribune’ since signing with AEW. current took over the wrestling business. Kingston defended the current generation Or wrestlers against people who don’t believe they’re tough.

“At the time, they were taking more risks. They were doing more difficult things outside of wrestling,” Kingston said during the appearance.blind side“At 20, I got into business and grabbed the tail end of that stuff. did. we see the story We’ve seen all of our favorites die early in life. We all lost a lot of friends in business because they decided to go a certain route. “

“You might say, ‘This generation is not tough,'” continued Kingston. “If you think so, come see me. But why? Because we go and snort nothing? Why? Because you’d rather be safe playing video games with your friends than trying to get into a fight? Honestly, these are the greats who should be here today.”

If you use a quote from this article, please credit “Blindsided” with ah/t to Wrestling Inc. for transcription.

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