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Easy preparation method for 2019 open registration

published to September 13, 2018

Open registration begins on November 1st.申請プロセスをスムーズにするために、今すぐできることを次に示します。

Three simple ways to prepare for open registration in 2019

  • Collect everything you need before applying. If you apply or update compensation, you will be asked to provide households, income, and current compensation information.Check this and save time and stress Marketplace checklist (PDF) Check in advance that you have everything you need.
  • If you are covering the 2018 marketplace, review your current application and make sure it is still accurate. If not, Update the application With income and/or household changes. If you do not update the application, you may not be able to get the right premium tax deduction or other savings. From November 1st, you can access the 2019 applications in advance based on the information provided in 2018.
  • Set the reminder for the open registration. End of open registration December 15th. If you have a 2018 marketplace plan, if you do not respond by the deadline, you may be automatically registered in the same plan (or similar plan) in 2019. This is not the best option, so compare all available plans. Mark December 15 with the calendar so that you do not miss the perfect plan for 2019.

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