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Dutch parliamentarians push to criminalize necrophilia

A majority in the lower house of the Dutch parliament, Tweed Kamel, want to criminalize necrophilia. It is not currently illegal in the Netherlands. Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius (Judiciary) is positive about the idea, but he nonetheless advises against the PVV motion.

The PVV still submitted a motion and received pledges of support from coalition parties VVD and CDA and opposition parties PvdA, SP and SGP (with parliamentary majority).

PVV Member of Parliament Lillian Helder said at a parliamentary debate on sexual violence and child sexual abuse that necrophilia was a “serious violation of the physical integrity of the deceased” and had filed a motion. rice field. She wants necrophilia included in the penal code or the sex crimes bill the Cabinet is currently working on.

During the debate, it was concluded that the latter option would delay the introduction of the bill, and the Chamber does not want it. Yeşilgöz has a “positive basic stance” on criminalizing necrophilia, but wants to wait first for an investigation by the Center for Scientific Research and Documents (WODC), so he filed a complaint with Helder. I asked for a postponement. She expects these results in her March, after which the minister can conduct a “comprehensive policy assessment”.

Herder said the motion adopted would not get in the way of ministers. She does not hold back her movements. Tweede Kamer will officially vote on Tuesday.

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