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Dutch government to tackle cheating in sports

The government is taking a more active role in creating a safe sports environment and preventing abuse, said Connie Helder, Minister for Sport and Long-Term Care. She plans to make declarations of good conduct (VOG) mandatory across the sports sector and update disciplinary laws on offenses to address the complexities of abuse. “The culture that we have accepted is no longer accepted. It should be different,” she said. wedding report.

Helder said the sports world has a lot to do when it comes to creating a safe environment of integrity. She has to create a “new sense of norm,” she said. “We can’t wait any longer. A mindset shift is required. Non-commitment is over.”

The minister’s highlighted intervention is a departure from past decades when politicians did not challenge the self-regulatory role of the sports sector, leaving ultimate responsibility to the sports governing body NOC*NSF. Helder said he still attaches great importance to his autonomy, but believes “there is a need for acceleration on this issue, where I, as minister, can take the lead.”

In addition to making VOG mandatory across the sports sector, Helder wants every association to appoint a secret contact person. Trainers and coaches must be properly trained. Helder said he has been discussing with the NOC*NSF that athletes can report abuse safely, the Center for Sport Holland (CVSN), separated from the governing body so that they can report it emotionally and safely by removing conflicts of interest. I’m here.

She also plans additional grant terms for the Institute of Sports Law (ISR), for which she is responsible. Sports disciplinary law. “The ISR could have handled these relatively new cases better,” she said. The ISR has received additional funding to allow more people to investigate complex cases. The Minister also appointed an independent recruiting body for the new Supervisory Board to ensure diversity in appointments.

“Now is the time to get behind the wheel and set new standards. Looking away makes us ashamed to act. I can’t wait for the next generation. We need a new approach,” she said. ” Misconduct regarding gymnasts It became clear that we needed to find another way to make people perform better. Everyone in Holland must be able to count on safe sport. “

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