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Dutch cabinet told to be more transparent in billions of dollars of climate change spending

The Cabinet needs to be more transparent about spending on climate change. Governments do not have a clear overview of where the billions of euros put into limiting climate change will go. Board of Audit A survey of Cabinet spending on climate action concluded.

Governments are currently spending 6.8 billion euros on fighting global warming. But there’s no synopsis as to where that money will go. Different ministries list different amounts for the same thing, like making offshore wind farms or rental housing more sustainable, for example, but how much money is actually involved? Unknown.

Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag, for example, reported that connecting offshore wind farms costs €150m less than her colleague, Minister for Economic Affairs Mickey Adriansen, has pointed out. . The agriculture ministry, in its overview of climate spending, said the pig farm rebuilding would cost 44 million euros between 2020 and 2027, but the ministry’s budget puts costs for the same period at 259 million euros. It is stated as 10,000 euros.

The Board of Audit also noted that some expenditures may have been misplaced under the climate policy heading because different ministries use different definitions for climate policy.

The ministers concerned were unable to give Congress a “clear and complete overview”, making it impossible for Tweede Kamer to meet his obligations and check spending, the audit court said.

The lower house of the Dutch parliament, Tweede Kamer, is now considering approving another climate fund of €35 billion.

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