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Dutch bank calls for further investigation into digital euronot yet on board

The Dutch Bankers Association (NVB) has called for more research to be done on a potential digital euro before any decisions are made on what such a currency should look like. NVB is not yet convinced of the added value of the digital euro. Because in Holland payments are already safe, fast and efficient.

The European Central Bank (ECB) is currently investigating the concept of a digital euro, and decisions have already been made on how such a currency should be technically designed. However, the NVB was critical of this and found the ECB anticipating a decision on the introduction. We believe this is the wrong order for NVB to handle the situation.

The Bankers Association argues that the digital euro offers little added value to Dutch consumers in the current regime. However, this may be different in other Euro countries where digital banking is much less common. However, the NVB is open “to innovation and improvement of the European payments infrastructure,” the association said.

The NVB is concerned that the digital euro could have a significant impact on “the quality and stability of the monetary system and the (European) payment system”. there is.

According to the NVB, it does not specifically support the use of digital euros for savings and investments.

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