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Dutch again ranked best language among non-native English speakers

The Netherlands ranked first as the country with the best English proficiency among non-English speaking countries. The Netherlands is in the top three. EF English Proficiency Index Since the first edition in 2011, it has maintained the number one position every year since 2019.

This year, EF ranked the English proficiency of 111 countries based on 2.1 million people who completed an online standardized test.

The Netherlands had an EPI score of 661 compared to the global average of 502. All Dutch provinces scored above the global average, with Zeeland having the highest score of 678 and Drenthe the lowest with 629. High proficiency” rank.

EF notes in its report that capital cities almost always have higher average English proficiency than their country or region, but are rarely among the top performing cities. The same is true in the Netherlands. Amsterdam, with her 673, beats her 661 in the Netherlands and her 671 in North Holland, but he is only the fourth best performing city in the country. The Hague has the highest English proficiency (697), followed by Utrecht (683) and Breda (675).

Men scored slightly higher than women. Young professionals aged 26 to her 30 are the most fluent in English, but all age groups achieve “very high English proficiency”.

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