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Don’t miss the deadline to file your 2016 taxes and report your health insurance!

published to April 13, 2017

The April 18 tax filing deadline is less than a week away. Even if he obtained health insurance through a marketplace, job, or other source, his 2016 coverage status must be reported to his IRS at the time of application.

If your 2016 Marketplace plan has a premium tax credit

  • should have paid the tax Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace® statement on mail. This form is also available in your Marketplace account online. see how to find.
  • Use Form 1095-A to claim your health insurance tax credit when you return home. If you used less premium tax credit than you qualify for, we will deduct the difference. If you use more than that, you will pay the difference in federal taxes.
  • Failure to file and adjust your 2016 tax return may result in the loss of premium tax credit advances beginning in 2018.

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