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Don’t miss the April 15 tax filing deadline

Tax day coming soon!Do not miss it April 15, 2019 Deadlines for filing taxes and reporting health insurance for 2018. Regardless of how you obtained your health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace®, your job, or any other source, you may be eligible for coverage for 2018 when filing your taxes. You should report the situation to the IRS.

Get step-by-step instructions and tax forms for your situation

You must file your 2018 federal tax return — typically not or if your income is required level.

For context-specific procedures and forms, Choose your health insurance status for 2018Your next step depends on how you got your health insurance last year.

Do you have a Marketplace plan in 2018?

If you or someone in your household had Marketplace health insurance in 2018, use Form 1095-A “Reconcile” Premium tax deduction for 2018 taxes.

Can’t find your 1095-A? Please help me find it.

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