Djimon Hounsou: “I haven’t met a movie that made enough money yet… I feel cheated.”

Djimon Hounsou’s acting career spans over 30 years, has been nominated twice for an Oscar, and has roles in countless high-profile and blockbuster projects, including: Amistad, Gladiator, In America, Laura Croft, Blood Diamond, Guardians of the Galaxy, Furious 7, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Shazam!, Quiet Pace Part II and first day, Black Adam, Rebellion Moon and this weekend Shazam!wrath of the godsStill Huns said Guardian In a recent interview, he said, “I haven’t met a fairly paid movie yet.”

He elaborated: “I’m still struggling to make a dollar! I started doing business with people who were absolutely wealthy and had very little of my admiration. I feel cheated, terribly cheated, both physically and in terms of workload.”

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Specifically, the actor said, “I’ve been to the studio for a meeting and they said, [after Amistad]I didn’t know you were here as a true actor. When you hear things like that, you realize that some people’s vision of you, or what you express, is very limited. It’s up to me to get it back. ”

As a result, Hounsou continues: They always come to me with a perfectly low ball.”

And it’s not just him. Hounsou points out that even for highly successful Oscar-winning actors, equal pay is elusive.

“Viola Davis has said brilliantly: She’s won an Oscar, won an Emmy, won a Tony, but she still can’t get paid. [Davis won a Grammy in February for EGOT status.] For every movie, it’s a struggle. I have yet to meet a fairly paid movie. ”

the actor is Shazam! Franchises are a little different.

“Among all of them, there’s a certain amount of respect for the DC Universe,” he said. was a little more respectful.”

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