Director Kojima confirms internet allegations that Elle Fanning will star in upcoming project

Coinciding with last month’s Tokyo Game Show, Kojima Productions — the development studio metal gear solid When Death Stranding Director Hideo Kojima — posted a cryptic teaser for future projects. “Who am I?” reads a teaser superimposed on the silhouette of an unidentified figure.

Well guess what?a QR code installed at the Australian gaming convention PAX Aus This week confirmed just that. The code was found next to the same cryptic silhouetted poster, but with overlaid text reading “Where am I?”Scan it and you’re done on the web page Just where the silhouette is revealed… *drumroll please* Elle Fanning! In case of doubt, the page also confirms that anything involving Fanning is a “Hideo Kojima game”.

Original teaser and reveal this week.

It’s not yet entirely clear what the project will look an interview at December last year, Kojima revealed that there are two games in development.One of them is widely expected to be the 2019 sequel Death Strandingnamed after the game’s star Norman Reedus Confirmed existence of the game in MayBut the nature of the second game is also less clear rumors suggesting It could be a new horror game of title Overdose.

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