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Director Explains Why Scream 6 Didn’t Kill These Characters

WARNING: Scream 6 spoilers alert!

director of Scream 6 It explains why certain characters weren’t killed. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are back after leading the 2022s. scream, the first entry into the ongoing franchise without Wes Craven’s involvement. Following the events of that film and the death of Dewey Riley (David Arquette), the latest installment finds survivors venturing from Woodsboro to New York City to find themselves at the center of yet another string of Ghostface murders. .

With a marked increase in violence, Scream 6 featured some memorable deathsbut Vetinelli Orpin and Gillette are convinced that no major characters were killed this time, despite Gale (Courtney Cox), Mindy (Jasmine Savoy Brown), and others being attacked by Ghostface. The reason for this is clear. Talk to Fangoriathe director shared that the film was intended.”I feel really good, I feel catharsis,” and explained that the ending wouldn’t have worked if a death similar to Dewey’s occurred. Read Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett’s comments Scream 6The death of is as follows.

Gillette: I think we talked about it. We do that all the time, so did the last one, too, “Do we need to kill more people?” I think it has its own twist too, but ‘Franchise! It’s like no. The idea of ​​being able to challenge ourselves is really fun for us.

Vetinelli Orpin: Also, with the last one of Dewey’s death, I think it’s a very difficult thing to do. In a very real way, we have to slow down the movie and everyone has to deal with this. There’s also this part that does.I want to wrongfully kill a character and then just move on. But it really took me some time to see how it affected Gail and how it affected Sid.

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Will Scream kill another protagonist?

Tara, Chad, Sam and Mindy are all in the living room looking worried Scream 6

Characters such as Dewey, Gale, and Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) are considered mainstays of the slasher franchise, appearing in nearly every installment. That’s part of what defined Dewey’s fate in the 2022s. scream His death at the hands of Ghostface is so surprising because it caused a lot of emotional reactions. I don’t regret killing Deweybut note that it was necessary to influence other characters’ arcs and establish a different storyline in the future.

New faces in the franchise, including Mindy, Chad (Mason Gooding), Sam (Melissa Barrera), and Tara (Jenna Ortega) survived the latest entries, but their deaths are still a possibility. It’s worth remembering that another recurring character, Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy), was killed off. Scream 2, despite making it through the first film. Gail and Sydney are also alive, so it will be interesting to see how their story ends in the end.

Killing off another protagonist is a surprising move, but the franchise has shown its ability to sustain success without them. Scream 6 finished positive, it seems a bigger death is possible in the next installment.Those still recovering from recent events and near-death experiences in the movie are probably eagerly awaiting Scream 7 to find out.

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