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Despite intense marketing, few consumers care about Black Friday

Today is Black Friday, a day when many stores offer big discounts. But despite a lot of marketing, Dutch residents aren’t thrilled with the big shopping day from America.

Most (68%) do not plan to buy Black Friday deals. Only 26% said he wanted to pick up a bargain, and 22% of those said he was short on cash. Heart of Holland reports after surveying 3,365 members of its opinion committee.

The main reason Dutch residents aren’t planning to attend Black Friday is because they don’t need anything new (41%). 1 out of 3 (33%) said they “didn’t want to go with the madness”. One respondent said:

Another third said they don’t trust discounts offered by stores. Every year, there are rumors that stores will raise prices for Black Friday to make the deal look bigger. It’s not entirely clear if these rumors are true.

Last year, Consumentenbond told Hart van Nederland that it could not determine that the store was cheating customers on such a large scale.

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