Democrats, the New Yorker is not an ATM machine

The Chinese government once seriously considered replacing citizens’ names with identification numbers. This gives you a complete picture of how an individual ranks in that society.

We are far from that situation in this country, but governments are increasingly trying to control our lives and influence our every move. or there is a fee. As always, New York leads the way.

Liberal politicians here ferocious backlash they are getting over Scheduled Congestion Charge Tax of $9-$23 A vehicle driving south of 60th Street in Manhattan. they shouldn’t.

congestion charges, Low- and middle-income families will be hit hardestis the latest cash grab by progressive politicians who view workers as the ATMs of sociological experiments.

They don’t care that New Yorkers are already the most heavily taxed in America. They want your money and are trying to get it one way or another: Income tax, sales tax, gas tax, phone tax, cable tax, rent tax, mortgage record tax, and all possible fees. Through — and now, , most of all, the license plate reader.

A congestion charge is levied on drivers going below 60th Street in Manhattan.

Who doesn’t flinch driving the bridges of New York? (How much is it now?!) What driver doesn’t look for creepy cameras of speed and traffic at every intersection?

And trust me on this one. If congestion tolls pass in cities, expect the same to happen statewide in just a few years if Democrats stay in power. Remember when red-light cameras were just an experiment?

New York’s voracious appetite for income, the money we make, was already legendary. now on steroidsOur state budget has grown by nearly $50 billion in the last two years alone to a staggering $220 billion. Kathy Hochul is complaining of poverty again, even though she just received tens of billions of dollars in federal bailouts.

Pelosi touts the success of the new bill.
President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s inflation-cutting bills won’t do much to curb inflation.

Texas and Florida each have a much larger population than ours, spend about half of us each year, and neither have income taxes. Is it any wonder that many former New Yorkers are now residents of Texas and Florida?

What little money the government left us with after our taxes were eaten up by the inflationary policies of President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Dollar power at gas stations and grocery storesTo add insult to injury, it has awakened progressives, including my opponents in Congress, Congressmen. Sean Patrick Maloney — Just passed a strangely named Inflation Reduction Act. This raises taxes for middle class New Yorkers and adds 87,000 new he IRS auditors to squeeze every last dime out of us, do virtually nothing to curb inflation.

How about another kick for the shin?

Now Maloney and company are trumpeting Biden’s $10,000 student loan forgiveness order pay for someone else’s higher educationWhere are they going next?

Maloney, who chairs the Democratic Congressional campaign committee, and the candidates he endorses include self-proclaimed socialists like Rep. Maloney. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar — Going on TV to say the upcoming midterm elections will be nothing but inflation and taxes.

New Yorkers know better than any other American how marginalized they are about expecting us to believe it.

The November election will be a clear referendum on the intolerable cost of living that Democrats in Washington and Albany have given us. Rise in uncontrollable crime.

We are not numbers, we are not ATM machines. We are people in need of help.

Rep. Mike Lawler is the Republican candidate for New York’s 17th congressional district.

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