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Deepening ties with democracies such as the UK, India, Israel, Indonesia and South Africa: Truss – Times of India

United Nations: Britain is deepening ties with fellow democracies like India. Israel,Indonesia, South AfricaBritish Prime Minister Liz truss told world leaders at the 77th Conference of United Nations General Assembly in New York.
“That is why we are building new partnerships around the world. We are strengthening our deep security alliances in Europe and beyond. NATO And the Joint Expeditionary Force,” Truss said Wednesday.
“We are deepening our ties with democracies such as India, Israel, Indonesia and South Africa,” she said, noting that the UK is forging new security ties with its friends in the Indo-Pacific and Gulf states. added.
She said the UK has demonstrated leadership in free and fair trade, has trade agreements with Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many others and is “in the process” of joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. .
“Rather than exerting influence through debt, aggression, or control of critical infrastructure and minerals, we are building strategic relationships based on mutual benefit and trust. she said.
Truss lamented that authoritarian states undermine stability and security around the world.
“Geopolitics is entering a new era, and that era needs people who believe in the founding principles of geopolitics. united nations Stand up and count. We are entering a new era in the UK,” he said.
In mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the late monarch was “the rock upon which modern Britain was built, and she epitomized the post-war values ​​on which this organization was founded.”
She said her country is keeping its economy safe. Technology that drives supply chains, critical minerals, food, and growth, and protects the health and lives of our people.
“We will not strategically rely on those who want to weaponize the global economy. Instead, we are reforming our economy to make Britain work. Working with our allies, all moving forward together.” I want to be able to do that,” she said.
“The free world needs this economic strength and resilience to fight back against authoritarian aggression and win in this new era of strategic competition,” she said, telling the international community to “do this together.” I have to do it,” he called out.

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