Declining VC investment in Latin American startups could dampen digital growth

With reason to be optimistic about the region, why are investors slowing?

This column It was wonderful history, culture, and most recently in Latin America, the richest part of the world Big Boom of Tech Company Founding and FundraisingBut the period of rapid increase in venture capital activity has slowed. fast.

Declining available capital isn’t fatal, as TechCrunch sees it. However, the pace of digitization and maturation of Latin American economies may slow from Atlantico — a regionally-focused venture capital fund and sister company to Canary that invests in early-stage Latin American rounds — has sufficient local capital to allow domestic startups to perpetually take on the challenge. may be in this region.

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That said, it’s probably a bit disappointing to see capital from other regions pull out of Latin America, given some encouraging signs from the region that venture investment is having a significant impact. .

If we have a global economy and hope that accelerating capital formation can be enjoyed everywhere, then technological prowess cannot and should not be limited to some part of the world’s geography. should expect. This means Latin America may need startups to help the region compete with other markets. but does not decrease.

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