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Decentralization: Togo’s Yoto III Municipality Adopts CFA 4 Billion Development Strategy Over Next 5 Years

Outline of reform

start a business (More information)

15th in the world and 1st in Africa start a business Togo remains indexed in the 2020 Doing Business ranking. revolutionary dynamics With further reform….

Performance of contract (More information)

Leveraging on its many efforts to improve the business environment, Togo has significantly improved the index in recent years compared to a few years ago when it was one of the lowest-ranked countries under the improved business environment index. I was able to make the leap… .

Conclusion of the contract (More information)

Establishment of a special Chamber for Small Debt • Chamber of Commerce in the Court of Appeals • Civil and commercial cases are now handled by separate clerks • Commercial Courts in Lomé and Cara • With lawyers BAIFFERS CAN NOW ACCESS FORSETI COMMERCIAL PLATFORM • Maximum 100 days time limit set for resolving commercial disputes.

cross-border trade (More information)

Compared to previous years,Togo“Cross-Border Trade” By implementing multiple reforms, mainly focusing on digitization and reduction of delays, regarding import and export procedures,

compared to the previous yearTogo significantly improved its ranking “Cross-Border Trade” Improve indicators by adopting multiple reforms, mainly focusing on computerization and reduction of delays, in export and import procedures for imports and exports.

construction permit (More information)

After rising from 133rd to 127th in the 2020 Doing Business Building Permits Index, Togo looks to repeat the feat in the next global rankings. To this end, we have introduced several reforms this year.

get electricity (More information)

Over the past two years, Togo’s Doing Business’s ranking in the Getting electric and water index has consistently increased. With this track record of multiple reforms aimed at making it easier for businesses to access electricity and water, Lome plans to introduce more reforms this year to maintain its improvements.

Property registration (More information)

Of all ‘doing business’ indicators, Togo has improved the most since 2018 in real estate registration. In fact, after spending years at the bottom of this ranking, the country is now trying to beat Rwanda, who performs best in this indicator. in africa. To do so, Lome has introduced a number of reforms, with the latest batch being implemented this year.

public procurement (More information)

From specialization to digitalization, through legal regulation, Togo’s public procurement framework is constantly being modernized. A number of reforms have been implemented to improve the sector in favor of the private sector, which is the focus of the National Development Plan.

Payment of taxes and duties (More information)

To improve the business environment, Togo has introduced some important reforms related to tax payments. From replacing some taxes to canceling others through exemptions, this country has only one purpose. It is to provide investors and economic operators with the most attractive tax framework. To achieve this, authorities are resorting to digitization.

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