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Deadly week of avalanches in Switzerland

Avalanches can be deadly. This week has been a tragic reminder of how easily they can take their lives: two of his skiers were photographed over two days at the Verbiès ski resort this week.

Photo: Valais Police – 14 March 2023

On March 14, 2023, three skiers were caught in an avalanche in Verbier.according to valley police, the three were skiing over a marked trail between the Col de Gentianes and Tortin when they were caught in an avalanche. The two manage to free themselves and he digs out the third before he can raise the alarm. Unfortunately, the third skier, a 28-year-old man from the Netherlands, could not be resuscitated despite being rushed by an emergency medical team from Glacier by helicopter.

The next day, a 58-year-old Russian man died in an avalanche in the same neighborhood of Verbier in the area known as the Rocky Gardens. A video of this avalanche can be seen below.

After this avalanche, eight helicopters were dispatched to assist in the rescue effort. Eventually, with the help of a dog, the Russian skier was found, but tragically too late to save his life. reportedly confirmed that no one was there. valley police.

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