Dax Harwood says he and Cash Wheeler have made decisions about FTR’s future – Wrestling Inc.

Fans of FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) are holding their breath as April approaches. Awaiting a decision regarding the duo’s future in All Elite Wrestling.with them contract expiring A few weeks later, Dax Harwood revealed that a decision had finally been made between the two. We promised to provide an update when we can legally talk about it.

“I just finished a call with Cash and decided what to do in April,” says Harwood. murmured“We can’t legally talk about it because nothing is official yet, but we will let all our fans know in the coming weeks. Thanks to all of you, we have a chance before us.” I love you

After months away from TV to let my body heal and ponder my next move in wrestling, FTR Returns to AEW Revolution On March 5, he declared his interest in the AEW Tag Team Championship.FTR too if they’re going to beat current champions Austin and Kolten Gunn I want to establish myself as a “main event level man”.”

Through much of 2022, FTR has risen to the top of tag team wrestling. Their rise reached a high point in June as the duo came out of AEW Forbidden Door with not one, not two, but three tag team titles. However, by the second half of 2022, AEW’s creative investment in them began to run out. As the world patiently awaits their decision, FTR are back on their feet and looking to add another title to their resume.

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