Davey Richards announces retirement after domestic violence allegations

Former Ring of Honor World Champion Davey Richards has announced his retirement from professional wrestling in the wake of a number of organizations, including Prestige Wrestling, St. Louis Anarchy, and Team Ambition Wrestling School. It was strongly branded to Richards’ wrestling persona and the places where he worked as a trainer.

“I have not been arrested, I have not been charged, and I maintain that these allegations are 100% false,” Richards said in a statement to Wrestling. I don’t want to affect anyone.People need this sport – it gives them a place of belonging and hope.I will take it away I don’t want to be a person or hurt it.I’m fine.

Co. Wrestling learned that Richards’ denial by the aforementioned organization was partially facilitated by screenshots circulating around his hometown of St. Louis. Lewis wrestling scene. This screenshot is an accurate representation of court documents filed by Wrestling Inc. The former partner alleges that Richards “engaged in inappropriate and irrational behavior, including heavy cocaine and other substance use and domestic violence.” [toward a different partner].”

Neither Prestige Wrestling nor Team Ambition explained why they split up with Richards. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp said on Twitter: The promotion ended its relationship with Richards for “violating its policy and code of conduct due to domestic abuse allegations.” st.Louis Anarchy told Sapp Richards was fired for code of conduct violations and Wrestling Co. confirmed. In addition, Wrestling Co., Ltd. We found out about it in a Facebook message to members of St. Louis Anarchy’s management, Richards, when he was told he was removed from the show because of the evidence he had given, knowing a photo of his ex-partner with a facial contusion. voluntarily offered that he was responsible, but claimed that it was not proof that he was responsible.

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