Danhausen offer Wardlow Powerbomb deal

Being the “smart” Mark Sterling at this point, Wardrow must be feeling like Coheed and Cambria, wondering when the nightmare will end. For months Stirling was a gnat in Wardrow’s ear, lead a storyline lawsuit against him And sent his clients Tony Nesse and Josh Woods after him. Now Sterling poses an additional threat to Wardlow. Have people powerbombed by Wardlow donate $13 To ban powerbombs forever.

Shockingly, many people aren’t happy with Sterling’s attempt to completely silence the symphony of powerbombs. twitter with an offer to Wardraw after Sterling’s earlier declaration.

“Wardrobe [I] Get $13 to do more powerbombs,” Danhausen tweeted.

Given that Wardraw powerbombed so many people, it’s not exactly clear how many people fell victim to that symphony of powerbombs, but if Danhausen’s offer is legitimate, At the time of this writing, Sterling has not responded to Danhausen’s declaration.

All of this serves as the backdrop for AEW Rampage: Grand Slam. The show airs on TNT Friday nights at 10 PM ET and instead of an hour he lasts two hours. And if he hadn’t already joined, he and Samoa Joe (aka Warjoe) in a tag team battle with Sterling’s clients Nesse and Woods.

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