Dana White caught MMA fighter sending threats to daughter

wednesday night, Dana White posted on his Instagram a screenshot of a man’s horrific threats against him and his family. The comments were specifically aimed at the UFC president’s daughter savannah.

White urged Instagram followers to help identify a man who went by his username @loganmurphyfuctheufc.

White wrote:

“Anyone know any of the @loganmurphyfuctheufc bastards? If so, please give us as much information as possible about him. Does he want attention? He’s going to get it.” ”

Within hours, White deleted the post and uploaded a new one stating “we got him” and letting fans know the man had been identified. I also deleted the second post.

mixed martial arts mania I shared a screenshot of my first post on Twitter.

Dana White is publicly looking for creeps on Instagram.

The man who sent the threat mixed martial arts Fighter Brandon Bender.

Creep turned out to be MMA fighter Brandon Bender

Journalist Alex Behnin shared a screenshot of Dana White sending Bender a dire warning after the information was revealed.UFC Gym CEO Adam Sedlack said Bender is no longer I said I have nothing to do with them. He had been fired 75 days before him for “current erratic behavior.” Behunin also shared a screenshot of Sedlack’s comment.

Please read the following two statements.

According to Bender’s Wikipedia page, Bender was arrested by Los Angeles police on suspicion of threatening the daughter of the UFC chief executive. At the time of writing this article, there is no news regarding this issue yet.

Who was Brandon Bender who threatened Dana White?

Brandon Bender is an Italian-American mixed martial artist who competes at bantamweight and featherweight. He has been a professional MMA fighter since 2006 and made his debut at KOTC-Rapid Fire.

His first loss in MMA came when he signed with Bellator and made his promotional debut against Travis Marx. He lost the match by TKO. Mario Bender lost again to Joshua Jones after he bounced back with a submission win over Navarro. January 2020, Bellator 238: Budd vs. Cyborg.

A bio on Bender’s Instagram account is a hateful message directed at the UFC and Dana White.

“F*** the entire UFC company! And if you own a piece F*** you too! All owners! [middle finger emoji]”

Neither party has yet commented on the matter.

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