Daily Crunch: London-based spatial computing startup Hadean raises $30M Series A

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TechCrunch Top 3

  • fashionably slow: Epic Games loved distributed computing startup Hadean so much they didn’t want to miss the chance to back them. Pole Learn more about how and why Epic was able to participate in its $30 million Series A investment.
  • From bland to fancy: Life insurance isn’t often a hot topic, but Strava co-founder Mark Shaw says he’s found a way to “zuge” it with Inclined, a company that lends to whole life insurance policies. thinking about. Mary Ann I am writing. The company now has a $15 million Series A.
  • healthcare shopping: Healthcare is an intricate web of doctors, laboratories and payers that seems largely unconnected. Kenyan startup Ponea Health is changing that by providing a healthcare marketplace that connects everyone. Annie report.

Startups and VC

The cryptocurrency market is flooded with centralized (Binance, FTX) and decentralized ETH-based perpetual and options trading platforms (Dydx, Opyn, Perpetual Protocol). Nibiru is about to build the first mainstream decentralized multi-chain solution. The company was co-founded by Arjun Sethi of Tribe Capital GP. Raised $7.5M in seed funding At a valuation of $100 million, mannish report.

Cloud kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens or shared kitchens, provide restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs with low-cost commercial kitchen space for food delivery and takeout. A startup called CloudEats, headquartered in Manila and operating cloud kitchens in the Philippines and Vietnam, Raised a $7 million Series A extension In order to accelerate the digitalization of food service in Southeast Asia, Kate report.

A few more…

Eight investors discuss the future of reproductive health startups in a post-Roe world

Image credit: Alexander Ryabintsev/Getty Images

Dominic-Madori Davis surveyed eight investors about the role venture capital plays in this new era when Americans no longer have the legal right to have an abortion.

The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision impacted more than health care and personal privacy: Will capital and talent flee US states that restrict reproductive rights? help more startups expand access to

Dominique Madri discusses how the group plans to wield influence and how it prefers to be approached by entrepreneurs, given “the tenuous relationship between venture capital and ethics” asked the group.

  • Hessie Jones, Partner, MATR Ventures
  • Lisa Calhoun, Gary Peet, William Leonard, Valor Ventures
  • Mecca Tartt, Executive Director, Startup Runway
  • Ed Zimmerman, Founding Partner at First Close Partners
  • Theodora Lau, Founder of Unconventional Ventures
  • McKeever Conwell, Founder of RareBreed Ventures

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