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Creed 3 outsold all but one Rocky movie in just three weeks at the box office

Creed III It’s now grossing all but one of the franchise’s previous films. In addition to being the third film in Creed The trilogy, Outing directed by Michael B. Jordan is a spin-off Rocky The franchise began with the Best Picture winning original in 1976. Creed IIIIt pits Jordan’s Adonis Creed against a new rival played by Jonathan Majors.

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Around Colliderthe film’s record-breaking box office success has become even more impressive in the three weeks since. of Creed III premiereWorldwide, the film’s gross revenue is now over $200 million after surpassing the $100 million milestone in a single week. This makes it his second highest-grossing film in the entire nine-part franchise, just behind 2018. Creed II And that total is $214.2 million.

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Creed III’s success was not guaranteed

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in the meantime Creed IIIThe box office record for . In addition to these totals not being adjusted for inflation, Rocky The franchise began nearly 50 years ago when the box office looked very different.all five of the original Rocky Movies before 2006 Rocky Balboa .

But that doesn’t reduce the fact that Creed III Blown away all expectationsThere are quite a few factors that can be pointed out that likely contributed to the film’s success. This includes the presence of his three stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Jordan, Majors and Tessa Thompson), Creed II It’s the franchise’s highest-grossing film so far, setting the stage for a major comeback.

Creed III But it seems to have won, not because of these factors, but in spite of them. While the film’s first sequels often outperform at the box office, second sequels have historically had a much harder time matching that success. Including the 2000s scream 3 and shrek the thirdAlso, the presence of a Marvel actor doesn’t always guarantee a hit, in fact, the major’s most famous Marvel outing. Ant-Man & Wasp: Quantumanias Due to its poor performance compared to the rest of the franchise, Creed The sequel’s success is even more incredible.

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