Credit Suisse director Roman Campbell ignites a violent explosion in Koreatown

The director of the Swiss bank giant was quietly canned after allegedly attacking the waiter during a strange quarrel at a restaurant in Koreatown, sources told the post.

According to the owner, the incident in Shanghai Mon occurred when Roman Cambell, Media and Information Services Director at Credit Suisse, headquartered in NoMad, accidentally encountered a restaurant on West 32nd Street before dawn on June 4. Jane Yi.

When Yi said the bathroom was for customers only, Campbell became warlike, refused to leave her, and recorded it on his cell phone, she said.

“I treated him well, but then he got hooked,” she insisted.

With the security footage provided to the post Share on Instagram It seems to show Campbell taking Ei’s phone, throwing the server’s checkbook to the ground, wrestling with the waiter, then hitting his head and trying to pull his hair.

You can see the waiter Jose Morales pushing Campbell towards the door. An image is displayed before Campbell strokes his face. Punch kept bleeding from his forehead, Yi said.

Campbell in Rome
Since then, Campbell has been fired from a financial company.
Courtesy of Sunabi Yi

The incident also sacrificed the restaurant business, the owner said.

“When I watch the video, there are 10 people walking behind him,” said Tora, Yi’s husband. “They are my friends. They are my customers and they all left without ordering. Who wants to come to the restaurant when such a thing is happening?”

Campbell was fired by a financial giant after his employer watched an Instagram video, sources familiar with the matter said. “”

Credit Suisse is aware of the widespread claims on social media. This happens outside of property and has nothing to do with Credit Suisse. Credit Suisse maintains and adheres to a policy condemning all types of discrimination, bullying or violence, “the company said in a statement.

Morales, who has been working in Shanghai Mon for six years and speaks little English, is still upset by the brawl, his boss said.

“He has trauma,” said the tiger. “He is afraid to serve the person who is drinking now.”

The NYPD said it was investigating the case. No arrests have been made.

Campbell in Rome
The incident also sacrificed the restaurant business, the owner said.
Courtesy of Sunabi Yi

Campbell, a Columbia University graduate who deleted LinkedIn’s profile, denied cheating and claimed to have been provoked after the waiter sprained his thumb.

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