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Covid measures no longer needed in this new phase of the pandemic, experts say

The coronavirus pandemic is at a new stage that does not require measures like current advice to isolate if you have the virus, experts say advertisement.

In early October, it appeared that the fall wave of Covid-19 infections had begun in the Netherlands. However, the number of cases is declining rapidly and there are currently only 600-700 coronavirus patients in hospitals.About 77% of the Dutch population have the virus, according to the latest figures from the blood bank Sankin. have antibodies against

Some infectious disease experts believe we are in a new phase of this pandemic, calling for us to treat the coronavirus like one of many winter viruses. “It’s close to other respiratory infections, so I don’t think we need to do anything more,” medical microbiologist Jean-Luc Murk told the paper. “I think the flu could pose a bigger problem than Corona this winter.”

“We can relax a little more about boogers. I’m optimistic,” said epidemiologist Fritz Rosendahl. He’s less concerned about virologists’ warnings of more serious variants emerging. “It takes a pretty complicated scenario to make it fail again. You can’t outright negate it, but you should be able to root for it once. It looks like a favour.”

Virologist Bert Niesters thinks people with Covid-19 symptoms should now realize that they shouldn’t go near vulnerable people. You can, hospitals aren’t overloaded, we don’t test for other cold viruses, we don’t stay home.”

Public Health Minister Ernst Kuipers has no intention of abolishing all measures yet. According to him, there are still population groups facing serious illness from Covid-19, so it is important to keep the number of infections low.

RIVM is also cautious, pointing to BQ1.1, a new variant of omicron that is now spreading. “This or another new subspecies could cause another wave this winter.

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