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published to January 16, 2014

If an illness or injury strikes, you can fall, recover, or be eliminated from the game if you have health insurance.

I was at the top of my game and felt unbeatable, but when I went to my regular team physicals, I found out I had serious kidney disease. I was lucky enough to have insurance.

People across the country who don’t currently have insurance or just want to explore their options can now get affordable, quality insurance through a new health insurance marketplace.®.

You can also compare brand-name plans and get cheaper monthly rates through our marketplace. And most importantly, as part of the Health Care Act, your health insurance plan must provide. preventive services Flu vaccinations, diabetes and blood pressure tests are free. Additionally, there is no annual or lifetime cap on coverage. So you get the physicality you need to deal with small problems before they become big problems. And the coverage you need to get ongoing care without breaking the bank.

Visit today to see your options.

High-quality, affordable coverage is call, click, chatYou must sign up by March 31st.

Register now and keep playing!

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