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Court ruling that squatters do not have to leave the Amsterdam homes of Russian oligarchs

Activist groups that have been active squat in a house in amsterdam Assets owned by Russian billionaires don’t have to leave, a judge ruled Wednesday. At a preliminary hearing in a lawsuit filed by Arkady Volozh’s company, the court refused to evict activists from the Vossiusstraat compound, where they had been staying for about two weeks.

The Russian oligarch who founded the Russian search engine Yandex is on the European Union’s sanctions list due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As a result, his credits and his assets within the EU have been frozen.

Squatter believes he was planning to rent Buildings along the Vondelpark to make a profit. For example, they say he is remodeling the property and an extra street number has been added to the house.

The judge ruled that there was no immediate reason to order the building to be evacuated because there was no good reason for the building to remain empty. Refurbishment is certainly a valid reason, but it is not allowed due to EU sanctions. One reason, according to the ruling, is that the renovation will lead to “a significant increase in value and a consequent increase in capital.”

Also, carrying out renovations on behalf of persons on EU sanctions lists will only be allowed if the Treasury Department grants an exemption, which the judge said was “unproven”. , the judge ruled, “The squatter’s claim for eviction was denied because of unreasonable impending vacancies.”

Attorneys for Arkady’s company said in summary proceedings that the house is intended for personal use. He wants to stay with his family from time to time “to enjoy the beautiful city of Amsterdam”. However, the court did not consider this plausible, in part because he cannot easily travel to Holland due to sanctions.

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