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Correct use of tax form 1095-A

published to March 10, 2016

If you signed up for a 2015 Marketplace health insurance plan, you should have received taxes Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace® statement on mail. If you have an online Marketplace account, it should be there too.

Make sure 1095-A is correct

  • Please read the instructions on the back carefully to make sure the information is accurate. If there is something wrong with your household or coverage, Contact the Marketplace Call CenterThey will send you a revised version. Do not file taxes until you receive them.
  • Don’t you think that “monthly admission fee” is strange? Please read this before calling.
  • if your “Monthly second lowest price silver plan (SLCSP) premium” (Part III, Column B) Leave ‘0’ or blank for the month someone in your household has been on Marketplace. This could be wrong. You could also be wrong if you didn’t report changes in your family, such as having a baby or getting married. There is no need to request a new form if only SLCSP Premium is can use us tax tools Get the correct figure.

important do not file taxes Until I got an accurate 1095-A for 2015.

2015 Form 1095-A Details

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