Conspiracy theory suggests King Charles’ bodyguards have fake hands and arms

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of Charles III “Sausage Hand” This isn’t the only royal glove frowned upon online.

A bizarre video of the new monarch’s bodyguard holding his hand in a bizarre position has sparked a bizarre new conspiracy theory that his karate chopper is a fake. It currently boasts millions of views on TikTok as it is being debated whether or not.

“King Charles Security, anyone with fake arms?” Posted by @jace_the_ace_ Controversial video with 27.4 million viewsAn attached clip released last week shows Charles III, 73, walking the grounds outside Buckingham Palace with security forces in tow.

The clip then zooms in on the man to the left of Charles III. His ‘Pumpy’ Equestrian Major Johnny ThompsonI put my hands together so that I don’t move like a wax figure.

“The guy on the left, the hand he’s holding looks suspicious,” declares a TikTok conspiracy theorist.

The clip then cuts to a tall gray-haired man posing with his left fist clenched and his right fist open and dangling, with @jace_the_ace speculating that his left arm is “fake.” increase. TikToker found it particularly suspicious that the man was walking and waving his arm, but the man’s hand did not move. The third frame showed a bulge in the left pocket of the man’s jacket, possibly a firearm.

In another video posted by @kevhead22, boasts 4.8 million viewswhile escorting the monarch on a walk outside Cardiff Castle, one of King Charles’ bodyguards can be seen assuming the same motionless stacked hand position. What’s going on with the guard’s hand?”

Needless to say, the TikTok commentary had its own theory, with some speculating that the hand was actually a decoy to distract criminals, and that the actual mitt was weapon ready.

A bodyguard accompanies King Charles III outside Buckingham Palace.

Close up of clasped hands of bodyguard.

Close up of clasped hands of bodyguard.

TikTok conspiracy theorists hypothesize that the hands of Charles III's bodyguards are actually fake.

TikTok conspiracy theorists hypothesize that the hands of Charles III’s bodyguards are fake.

“His real hand is already on his gun, just in case,” said one online conspiracy theorist, while another said, “He’s an armed guard and his The real hand is inside the jacket holding the gun, and this is nothing new or secret.”

One of the armchair bodyguards said, “The Secret Service does it in America too. Stuff their hands. Their real hands are in the loaded guns under their jackets.”

“The right arm is real and the left arm is fake, so you can hide your weapon in a ready state,” said another.

One poster was skeptical that the bodyguard's hands wouldn't change position while walking.
One poster was skeptical that the bodyguard’s hands wouldn’t change position while walking.
TikTok / @jase_the_ace_
Tin hat enthusiasts on TikTok theorized that the bodyguards had decoy hands to distract potential assassins and held guns in real gloves.
TikTok theorized that the bodyguards had decoy hands to distract potential assassins, while the real mitts held guns.
TikTok / @jase_the_ace_

However, security experts have since dismissed this bogus theory.

“They are definitely not fake,” says Will Geddes, a former bodyguard with 30 years of experience. told metro“I can understand why some people thought it was because it looks like an incredibly tight grip, but it definitely isn’t.”

He said, “It’s a tactic that is not used at all in the UK. There may be all sorts of other tricks and stunts that security personnel use to keep public figures safe, but this is not .one of them.”

The former security guard concluded with a cheeky sarcasm that counterfeit mitts “could be used in the US because they are more trigger-friendly” but not adopted in the UK.

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