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Conspiracy theorist David Icke opposes Dutch ban in court

British conspiracy theorist David Icke wants the Dutch Immigration Service to cancel its plans. an entry ban that prevents him from entering the NetherlandsThe government agency, the IND, imposed the ban on Nov. 4, and Icke had asked for the restrictions to be lifted by Thursday. In a statement released by Dutch rebel group Samen voor Nederland, the IND declined and Icke said it now intends to file a lawsuit over the matter.

The IND said it would use the entire six weeks allotted to evaluate Icke’s appeal against their decision and declined to speed up the process. Mordechaï Krispijn of Samen voor Nederland said Icke thinks he has a relatively good chance of defeating IND in court.

He said on Friday that the immigration ban could not be legally maintained and that Ike’s situation was dire. .

Icke was scheduled to speak at a demonstration hosted by the Samen voor Nederland in Amsterdam on November 6th. However, the day before, he was denied access to the entire Schengen area, including the Netherlands, for two years.

David Icke is a conspiracy theory purveyor who claims that humanity is secretly ruled by alien reptiles masquerading as humans. Many critics consider this to be an anti-Semitic metaphor, arguing that Ike is also a Holocaust denier.

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