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Confidence in drugs is growing, but Covid vaccines are not

According to a study by the Dutch research institute Nivel and the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB), trust in the medicines used by the Dutch population has increased slightly in recent years. On average, the Dutch rate their drug confidence at 8.2. Confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine is much lower at 6.8.

In the last survey in 2018, Dutch residents still rated their drug confidence at 7.9. Researchers also measured people’s trust in vaccines for the first time this year. Dutch residents generally get 7.8 vaccines, but only 6.8 for coronavirus.

Earlier this week, the European Commission reported that EU citizens’ trust in vaccines was declining, with the Netherlands one of the countries with the lowest confidence.These figures, according to an MEB spokesperson. is difficult to compare with the MEB study.

Side effects are the most commonly cited factor affecting confidence in vaccines, especially coronavirus vaccines. However, a quarter of his respondents said side effects do not determine confidence in vaccines. More than a quarter of people say the coronavirus has also had a negative impact on confidence, including the speed of development of his vaccine and government communications about vaccination.

If the efficacy of a drug is good, people will have more confidence in the drug. Researchers found that previous drug experience and information provided by a doctor or pharmacist also played a role. And people trust drug information leaflets more than they did in 2018. Leaflet information is trusted more quickly than social media information.

Commissioned by MEB, Nivel conducted this study on approximately 1,000 consumers and patients. According to MEB Chairman Ton de Boer, the report shows a high level of Dutch confidence in medicines and vaccines.

The MEB said trust in medicines is essential to ensure that people use them correctly. De Boer added that it is important to continue to provide good information about medicines. Information in some leaflets may be clearer. MEB addresses this, among other things, by producing information about vehicles in plain language.

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