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Confianza de los consumptives chileanos vuelve caer en noviembre, pero se ve una stabilization by la menor inflation | Diario Financiero

A new drop in November recorded Chilean consumer confidence. Y aunque fue más medium que The previous period -0.6 puntos- led to a new minimum for the year of ya se acerca a su fin.

Este S El Quadro Que Muestra El The Índice de Confianza del Consumidor (CCI, an acronym in English) is refined monthly by international consultant Ipsos.And in the penultimate month of 2022, the indicator has fallen to 37.3 points. This is one-tenth of the level reached in September and previously the lowest level of the year.

Ipsos Chile Manager Jorge Lopez emphasizes: Despite November’s results, “trends over the past five months point to stability in confidence” at around 37 points, with “high inflation and continued declines stemming from the Aussensiade first semester.” A change from what happened in ayudas directas”.

In the judgment of officials, “the stability of confidence over the past five months shows that the Chileans’ mentality and economy have not deteriorated significantly over the past two semesters.”

Details of Lopez que esto se debe, entre otras cosas, a que la inflation put the brakes on its rise: The 12-month consumer price index fell in September and October, rising to a record 12.8% from 14.1% in August.

El CCI mide el el optimism de los consumer sobre la economia locale.

Lo componen cuatro subíndices, y el Representative de Ipsos recalca que en ellos también se aprecia estabilidad los ultimos meses, aunque durante este mes de noviembre se observa “una caída importante” de lasexpectation económicas, de 1 punto.

Las otras tres áreas también registered descendants, pero más moderados.

This all stems from the field work conducted between October 21st and November 4th. This period is one in which the news context is characterized by the announcement of pension reforms and the annual decline of the monthly indicator de Actividad Económica (Imacec) de septiembre. 0.4%.

un escalon menos

La confianza de los consumer nacionales se mantiene en un terreno pessimista, o sea de menos de 50 puntos. The November drop meant Chile fell to 23rd place among 28 economies measured by Ipsos, a step down from the place it occupied in October.

Nivelle’s global el CCI se mantuvo remained relatively stable, down only 0.1 points, down to 45.5 units. However, although the volatility has been moderate, the indicator has fallen and is at its lowest level since his April of the previous year, 20 months ago.

Significant reductions at the global level were recorded in Colombia, Spain and France, with reductions of 2.9 points, 2.4 points and 1.5 points respectively. Por el contrario, la mayor recuperación la vivió Israel, donde la confianza subió 2.7 unidades.

esthetic knife Arabia Saudi volívo has pushed China out of the top spot and established itself as the most trusted country among consumers. Hungary, on the other hand, remained at the bottom, its worst result for the second month in a row.

America Latina leads Brazil, followed by Mexico, Colombia and Peru. therefore, Chile is the last of the region and the best partner for Argentine consumers.

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