Conan gives insight into the advice he’s giving Dominic Mysterio

As a WWE TV heel, Dominic Mysterio found himself in unfamiliar territory. Mysterio turns his back on Edge with his biological father Rey Mysterio in Crash at Castle in Cardiff, Wales. Since then, he has participated in Judgment Day with Damian Priest, Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley..

Conan, senior news editor Nick Houseman speaking to Wrestling Inc., recalled when he told Mysterio that his character had gotten longer.

“Well, I used to tell Dom – I’m his godfather,” Conan said. It’s getting old, you’ve got your dad on your back, it’s kind of a course.

Conan later talked about giving Dominic advice on how to be a proper heel. Last Monday’s episode of “Raw” When Dominic got down on his knees and dared his father to hit him with a steel chair.

“When he told his dad last week, he got down on his knee and said, ‘Hit me.’ said Conan. He’s a very nice, likable, cool kid. I said “where did you get that?” because I told him I was talking with him about some things he should do. I said, ‘You have to channel the whole Eddie. You have to channel him. Channel someone you don’t like.

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