Conan examines CM Punk’s controversial AEW All Out Media Scrum

At the moment everyone seems to have an opinion on it The now infamous behind-the-scenes brawl Followed by Media scrum after AEW’s all-out pay-per-view Early this month. The latest commentary on the matter and his CM Punk role in it is major league wrestling And impact wrestling.

“What I don’t think is cool is brother, [was] In an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. senior editor Nick Hausman, Conan said, “Tony’s a cool guy, man. I don’t think he deserves it. When he tells them what you No need to clarify either, if it were me it would have been a whole different story, I would have cut off his mic and that would have been the end of it. I like Tony, so I felt very sorry for him.”

Despite his sympathy for Khan, Conan admitted that Punk wasn’t the only wrestler to lose his cool.

“I was in a punk situation when I was very angry.” [although] Never did that during a scrum. ”

conan wondered Punk is ‘too obsessed with revenge’ He then asked if he was willing to step into the ring and make a deal with ‘Hangman’. [Adam] Paige: I think this is the guy he definitely doesn’t want to work with.

“Buddy, I’m a punk fan,” he said. “You see, when I was watching WWE, he was the last one that was must-watch TV for me. I used to watch him throw pipe bombs every week. He was a hunter and a toe.” He confronted Vince…I was so happy to be back in AEW.Like I said before, “Oh, I’m glad you’re back.”I didn’t like punk.It was so boring. I like angry punks.

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