Commentary on Democrats’ ‘Charity’ Registration Racket, Biden Flation to Boost Republicans, and More

Elex Watch: Dems “Charity” Registration Racquet

Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassell Flag ‘Political reality that Republicans were slow to make public’: Democrats ‘overtly abuse charities to build voter rolls in their favor’ — giving foundations and individual donors ‘tax exempt’ By funneling dollars into “charities” and encouraging them to micro-target and enroll” Democratic voters. “The Left has expanded this racket of ‘philanthropy’ for decades,” but “finds conservative foundations engaged in such activities because they fear the influence of the IRS.” America’s philanthropic giving laws state that “while they have enormous power for good, Democrats cynically abuse the system for partisan gain”. The problem isn’t black money.” “This is a fake ‘charity’ voter registration racket and it’s being done in broad daylight.”

From right: Bidenflation Boosting GOP

“Sustained Inflation” makes a Republican victory “seem possible again.” Hugo Gurdon of the Washington Examiner claims:Republican JD Vance is ahead of Democrat Tim Ryan in Ohio’s Senate race, according to the latest Marist poll. In Georgia’s Senate battle, ‘former soccer star Herschel Walker will play’ [Sen. Raphael Warnock (D)] Just like he punched through an NFL defender back then. Elections ask “whether those in power have done a good job and whether they deserve to stay”. This election is about “depleting the value of all income and savings and raising interest rates”, “fiscal incompetence creating inflation” and the possibility of a recession. “Until the Democrats came to power, the economy was booming. Now the boom is gone. The two are very different.”

Foreign Desk: How to Deny Putin’s Joining the Military

“Russians seem eager to leave the country to avoid being soldiers,” but “can’t get out easily.” Reason’s Eric Boehm said:After Vladimir Putin announced the call-up of reservists, prices for one-way tickets to flights from Russia “surged or almost sold out”. Few airlines fly to Russia since the European Union imposed a flight ban in response to the war in Ukraine”. It’s just helping to keep people inside the country.” If the West allows “Russians to vote with their feet”, it can “peacefully deprive Putin of troops for illegal warfare”.

Climb Beat: Md. Prosecutor’s Farewell Insult

“Marilyn Mosby’s tenure as Baltimore’s chief prosecutor has been an immense disaster for Charm City.” City Journal’s Tom Hogan laments, but after being “banished by disgusted voters”, she “gives troubled voters one final insult: freeing a convicted murderer”. He was convicted of murdering his 18-year-old ex-girlfriend and sentenced to life and 30 years in prison. He exhausted all of his appeals all the way to the Supreme Court, but made national news thanks to the podcast “Serial.” Now, Mosby suddenly decided her staff were “not confident” in the verdict and demanded it be overturned. It was “a slap in the face of the victim’s family, the citizens of Baltimore, and the incoming Attorney General,” and may have been “forced to clean up Mosby’s mess.”

Pandemic Journal: Feds ‘Privatized’ Censorship

Emails, newly obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, show that media attacks on COVID-extremist critics like Martin Krudorf are aggressive attempts to shape news by the same government officials as the policies skeptics have criticized. It is clear that this was the result of an extensive trial. Rails Jenin Younes on TabletThe document exposes “a vast and unprecedented perspective-based censorship regime” and “clearly establishes that social media companies have stepped up their censorship efforts… in response to government demands.” The founders of the nation understood that censorship would make drawing the line virtually impossible”–and “made the American people aware of the great Barrington Proclamation [warning against lockdowns] I was given the opportunity to ponder the idea. Pandemic-era history could have played out with far fewer tragedies.

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