Colby Covington throws trademark insults at Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman before UFC 286

Colby Covington recently entered the fight for UFC 286 after being AWOL for almost a year.

“Chaos” scored a decisive win last year at UFC 272 by dominating Jorge Masvidal in a highly anticipated grudge match. However, since there was “chaos”, the fight did little to resolve the rivalry between the two. Allegedly beaten by Masvidal Just two weeks later, outside a restaurant in Miami.

Colby Covington has filed charges against ‘Gamebred’ but has been largely out of the public eye over the past year.But ‘Chaos’ recently shocked fans Join as a surprise backup fighter UFC 286 main event with Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards.

Colby Covington doesn’t have to take on backup duties, but ‘Chaos’ is confident about fighting the headliner winner at UFC 286. The two-time welterweight title challenger also wants to be in the mix. The 35-year-old man said:

“Look, I don’t really have a prediction. I just want to see a good fight. Everyone got their ratings. Everyone was talking to me this weekend. No one cares. They have no charisma. Those guys, they do nothing.

“I don’t really care what happens. Whoever the next title is, it’s coming back to America. Mentally and physically, I’m finally hitting my prime. So far.” I feel better than I’ve ever felt before.There are many improvements and I’m ready to show the world who is the greatest fighter of all time.”

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