Cody Rhodes wants to return the favor after fans helped him on Thanksgiving

WWE superstar Cody Rhodes I would like to pay in advance for the kindness of the fans who helped me during Thanksgiving shopping.

Amidst the turmoil of 2022, the former TNT Champion’s return to WWE is one of the biggest moments of the year. His return to WrestleMania 38 as Seth Rollins’ surprise opponent will be talked about for years to come.

American Nightmare has been on hiatus since he took it on at the Hell in a Cell premium live event in June. Seth Rollins In the show’s main event title match against a torn Peck. Although he suffered a horrific injury to win the match, Cody underwent surgery shortly thereafter and left for an estimated six to nine months of recovery. .

Cody recently shared on Twitter that his payment method stopped working while he was shopping on Thanksgiving. He now writes that he wants to help someone in need.

“I went to the store last minute this morning and they didn’t accept my Apple Pay. The guy behind me saved me. Thank you so much. Have a great day.” I want to give back to those who don’t have or are in need.Suggestion…”

I went to the store last minute this morning and they didn’t accept my Apple Pay. The man behind me saved me. #happy thanksgiving

With a minimum estimate of six months for peck recovery, many are predicting that Cody Rhodes could take home a victory at next year’s Royal Rumble and even win the match and advance to WrestleMania 39.

Cody Rhodes recently reacted to a photo of him as Stardust shared by WWE

Recent WWE shared a gallery Ahead of this year’s edition, visit the Superstars website for past Survivor Series events. The gallery features photos of Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, and John Cena. Also included was a photo of Cody Rhodes while working under the Stardust gimmick in 2014.

Cody has previously cited Stardust as one of the reasons he commissioned. WWE Released in 2016. He has bashed the character and shown disdain on numerous occasions.

The former Intercontinental Champion once again commented on the character, claiming it was important to his personal growth.

“Holy shit! I’m so grateful for Stardust. It sucked professionally, but we were pretty successful nonetheless. We had to hit rock bottom to get the sound we have today.”

Hell friend! I am very grateful to Stardust. It was a professional low, but still quite successful. In order to be able to produce my current sound, I had to hit rock bottom. #I do the work…

Despite working on Stardust, it’s safe to say that Cody Rhodes will never dawn on that outfit and gimmick again.

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