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Coalition D66 wants to ban parties that disrupt the rule of law

Coalition party D66 wants to ease the ban by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM). Political parties that undermine the rule of lawD66 party chairman Jan Paternotte said the Democrats wanted the Civil Code clause, which bans, among other things, criminal motorcycle gangs, to apply to political parties as well. NOS.

That provision currently excludes political parties, but D66 hopes to repeal that exclusion. “At a time when democracy is under pressure everywhere, we cannot say that only political parties are allowed to undermine the rule of law.”

The Cabinet is working on separate legislation for political parties, including the possibility of banning them. But the D66 doesn’t want to wait. Paternotte, referring mainly to his FvD, said, “It will take him another year and a half before we can see that some Dutch pirates are rapidly becoming radicalized.”

“It’s been said a lot lately. From: we want to overthrow the government to: Violence is beautiful because it can change things. Democracy is too beautiful to defend,” said Paternot.

OM is now investigating whether recent comments by FvD MP Gideon van Meijeren speculated that he was occupying parliament to overthrow the government. Paternotte compared these comments to the United States in January 2021 when Donald Trump incited his supporters to storm the Capitol. Five people died.

Paternotte said it would be up to OM to ban FvD. “Right now, we cannot make that decision just because political parties have exceptions. It has to be taken off the table.”

“Democracy is fragile. Anyone can operate in it, including those who want to eliminate it. But that sets us apart from Russia and China, which have no opposition. We must protect democracy, so we can take action against organizations that undermine the rule of law,” said Paternotte.

He called the objection that political parties could be banned depending on current political preferences invalid. “Things like this don’t just happen. And it’s up to the OM, not the political party.”

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