CNN Has Temporary Primetime Assignments For Jake Tupper, Laura Coates, Alysyn Camerota

Jake Tupper, Laura Coates When Allicin Camerota undertake a temporary assignment to CNN‘s prime time schedule as Warner Bros. The Discovery-backed network is gearing up to cover the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections.

Tupper, CNN’s chief Washington correspondent, will host the network’s 9 p.m., Camerota and Laura Coates share anchor responsibilities from 10pm to midnight. Tapper is the first anchor to score a semi-regular perch at 9.00 since the highly vetted departure of the timeslot’s previous occupant, Chris Cuomo. Coates, who has held down slots in both the morning and afternoon, and legal analyst Coates, who has looked into prime-time assignments in the past, will take over the period led by the soon-to-be-moved Don Lemon. to work on a new CNN morning show.

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Lemon, who co-anchors the new morning show with Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, will be relinquishing her primetime duties after Oct. 7. Harlow will also stop broadcasting in the morning after that date.

The move is the latest one orchestrated by CNN CEO Chris Licht, who is trying to lure the major news outlets to a less enthusiastic pitch than during the Trump administration. Licht, a longtime TV producer who has helped move the needle at MSNBC and CBS, has since arrived earlier this year with more passion than CNN has become known under former leader Jeff Zucker. I have worked to suppress some of the generic commentary.

Primetime Movement showcases Jake’s grim reporting, smart analysis, and consequential interviews as it bolsters its coverage of the midterm elections. will move forward and expand,” Licht said in a memo to staff on Thursday.

Anchor’s performance will no doubt be scrutinized by staff and rivals to see if it can generate better ratings for CNN. While the network has grappled with the natural decline in cable news viewership following a major election year, CNN’s viewership has dropped significantly. According to Nielsen, CNN’s primetime schedule saw viewers between her 25 and her 54, the demographic most coveted by advertisers, fell 31% in the second quarter. Fox News’ prime-hour anchor saw his viewership drop in that category by 2%, while MSNBC dropped his by 40%.

Others will also shift some duties in their new assignments. Jon Berman and Briana Keylor are stepping away from their morning duties after their new AM show launches later this fall, trading off on Tupper’s 4 p.m. Anchor “The Situation Room” from 12pm to 7pm. In the afternoon, he regained his hour allotted to Tapper’s afternoon program “Lead”.

CNN is also making some changes behind the camera. His Izzy Povich, an MSNBC veteran who produced both CNN’s morning and primetime shows in recent years, has been promoted to senior vice president of programming. Licht said she will help head programming Michael Bass with his day-to-day planning, but plans to “focus on prime time soon.” Povich, according to Licht, “has a long and successful track record as a producer and development executive. We are fortunate to have her working in this role.”

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