Christopher Daniels on the AAA Lucha Libre World Cup, the relationship between AEW and AAA, Ring of Honor and more! – Exclusive

What is the difference between your experience back then and your current AAA experience?

Well, I think it’s a little bit different in the sense that I was invited to represent the United States in a very prestigious show. He let me stand in the ring with him. And with the different experiences of the three of us, we feel he is one of the strongest teams. I mean, I’m a multiple tag team champion myself. Johnny Caballero is the tag champion. Having spent most of his career in Mexico, Sam Adonis has probably wrestled in more of his six-man tag team matches than all of us combined. So we feel like we have a very good chance of combining all these strengths to make us dominant in this whole thing.

You make a very compelling argument, but I’m not going to underestimate your opponents. Team Japan looks really tough and interesting.

Absolutely, Absolutely. As one of the most prominent professional wrestlers in Japan, I never underestimate the toughness of Japanese wrestlers. Just understanding what it takes to be a wrestler in Japan and what they have to do in the dojo, I never underestimate my Japanese opponents.

Yeah, I’m not very familiar with many of these guys. I know La Estrella because he had something in America. Two other gentlemen I don’t know very well. But if you go there with all possible respect for them, you won’t underestimate them. Either way, if you’re from Japan, I might overestimate them because I know you have decent boots.

We’ve seen La Estrella before. He’s small, but he’s powerful.

One hundred percent, one hundred percent. La Estrella has been very impressive in the past as he has played a few matches with AEW. yes. So when I saw him being one of the guys, I knew my job was cut for me. believe us.

i believe in you.

you see.

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