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Chinese businessman interrogated by US authorities

Ο συλεφυής Γκου Βενγούι ει επικριτής του Πεκίνου και συνεργάτης του έχος στεραηγος ου Λυκού Οίκουτ, ννίαριοτ.

Εναν Kινέζο μεγιστάνα της της με έδρα τη new york It’s about him. Γκου Βενγούι and one of them was accused of απάτη жая ембасмать, χρηματιστηριακη απάτη, τράπεσική απάτη και ξέπλυμα Βρμμικου χρήματος.

Χαρακτηριστικό είναι το είναι οτιο Βενγούι, ο θεσι φεγει από την China In 2014, apparently – one of the wealthiest people in the country, he was a critic of the Chinese government and a former strategist collaborator of Λευκού Οικου, Στίβεν Μπάνον. ομεγιστάνας said in a web post that του had passed his χιροπέδεςκαιτονανεκρινανγια over an hour, after which αθός was sentenced to Manchatta Federal Court and ordered to be held without bail, according to a BBC report. .

The two raised $1 billion, according to the indictment. Dollars from thousands of internet followers who are known to fund media companies and exclusive member lists.

His opposition to the Chinese Communist Party and his connections with prominent right-wing politicians and activists in the United States have contributed to the hundreds of thousands of internet followers who follow him. Most of them are Chinese nationals living in Western countries. Prosecutors allege that the funds are being diverted to personal accounts linked to spouses and partners instead of being invested in businesses. προστήσεις σε µια επαυλη 4.345 τ.μ. δολαρίων.

Prosecutors say 100 Ekad. Dollars were invested in risky hedge funds, and other money was spent on luxuries such as a $140,000 piano, a $62,000 TV, and a $53,000 support base. Since September of the previous year, the US government has spent about $634 million. Dollars from income from 21 different bank accounts.

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