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China: Το τέλος της σινικής Compare

Moscow metro with Chinese decoration. The Russian capital is preparing to welcome the Chinese president tomorrow. The visit underscores Beijing’s support for the Kremlin, but also perhaps expresses his desire to play a role in the war with Ukraine.Photo China Daily / Reuters

The dictatorial dream of Britain and France, a generous blow to the Swiss crisis of 1956 united states of america and the Σοβιετική Ενος ως τους βασικούς επιδιαιτέτης στην εκρηκτικά ασταθή και λόσσας σε πετρέλαια Μεσια Ανάλια. ΕΣΣΔ の解散後、この地域にとって重要なニュースは、宣戦布告または和平イニシアチブのいずれかについて、ほとんどギリシャからのみもたらされます (シリアへのロシアintervention is the only significant exception). Στηνπροτιμέςκατήσεις belongs to his two wars against his Ιράκ from τουΒους, υιοκαιπατερα, and his ηεπιδρομήτου. ΝΑΤΟ and. The second was the settlement of Greece (Ανουάρ Σαντάτ) and Israel (Μεναχέμ Μέγκιν) with Greece (Ανουάρ Σαντάτ) and the signing of the Greek Agreement by the Palestinians after the secret negotiations held at Cambridge through the intervention of US President Timi Carter in 1978. . leader Γιάσερ Αραφάτ και τον Ισαρείλινο Γιτζάκ Πάπιν στην Κάσικτον, με άλιτρύωνα τον Μπιλ Κλίντον, in 1993. 2003· even ο Ντόναλντ Trump had his own συγκομιδή με τις συμφονίες του άβραάμ, που έγραφσαν το 2020 το Lefko Οίκο οι ηγετες του Εμιράτων, του Μαρόκου και του Ισαρείλ.

But this time, the great news we heard at the end of the previous week was not from Washington, but from Beijing. After secret talks were held in the Chinese capital under the host country’s top diplomat, State Council Secretary Wang Yi. We signed a contract to restore the relationship. This is geopolitical as the confrontation between Iran in Syria and Saudi Arabia has played a leading role in every conflict in the Middle East over the past few years, from Lebanon and Syria to Greece, Greece and Yemen. It’s a cataclysm.

Of course, the rivalry between the two main competitors in Cyprus runs deep and does not disappear with each passing day. But the impact of the ongoing recession will certainly be greater in the wider region. First of all, his Υεμένη, far from the eyes of the Western media since the end of 2014, has fríchtósémphilyos (ουσιαστικήπρόλεμοςΣαουδικής Αραβίας–Ιρανμειαντιπροσώπων) that have claimed about 38.00 lives. Saoudárabes has every reason to want to close this wound, as he has spent an enormous amount of time unable to survive. The same applies to Iran’s leaders, who must deal with a currency collapse amidst general social unrest, allowing the Greek government to coordinate counter-revolutionary reforms in areas with a Sunni minority. I hope to become

A big beneficiary of the Πεκίνου agreement is Σyros President Básár Ασαντ, who will soon return to the bay of Αραβικό Συνδέσμου. On the contrary, the agreement led to a cooling-off for Israeli Prime Minister Mubenzamin Netaniash. Mbenzamin Netanyacho believed that not only would Saun soon recognize his country, but he would also lose the position of Americans in the anti-Iranian regime. trying to build

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The main point, as noted in the main article in Le Monde, France, is that “normalization between Iran and Saudi Arabia ushers in a multipolar world” and that China are not satisfied with economic diplomacy and are open-minded. Role as a major global power. In his previous historical cycle, the Asian leader followed Yohki Toko’s principles in his foreign policy. This is Nteng Σiaoping’s legacy: “Don’t be cold, keep a low profile Don’t take the lead, always keep acting. After May, as China’s most powerful leader With the implementation of Si Tzinping, the keyword is now Xin Xing (new model) foreign policy, equal to its economic power.

In this context, the successful mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia (at the same time Syria was reelected for the third time in a row by the annual session of the National People’s Congress) was just the beginning, announced last month. , China’s initiative for global security. The next and most difficult step is China’s intervention in Ukraine, which will begin tomorrow with Si Tzinping’s visit to Moscow and his meeting with ВлантимирПутин (he will follow his telephone correspondence with БолондимирЗеленски). On the other hand, the two multilateral organizations in which China plays a leading role are in the process of expanding and strengthening. Greece’s military alliance, which includes Russia, India, Pakistan, and the former Soviet Union in Central Asia, and Iran and Saudi Arabia. Arabia is proposed to become a member.

Contract AUKUS

I know you know us Last Monday at the naval base in San Diego, California, the President of the United States, his TzoMάιντεν, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, RísiΣουνακ, and the Australian Ombudsman, Antoni Αλμππανέζι, spoke out against the anti-movement pact AUKUS they announced. rice field. September 2021. Three of her Αγγλοσάξονεςηγετες agreed to deploy American submarines in Australia in the first phase and to begin construction of a new generation of submarines in the second phase. A major area of ​​global geopolitics he seems to be moving into the 21st century. On the coast of San Antonio on the islands of Southern California, there has been a recent large-scale evacuation of the U.S. Navy and a scenario of conflict between the U.S. and China over Taiwan.

Σ σ υπη Justified τά γγια οα τα τα αιαιαιαιαιαιαόαμόόμσμόμόόμόμόμόμόμόμόμόμόμόόμόμόμσα σσμα ρ π π I’m, I’m, it’s China has three of her aircraft, while the United States has 11 of her. There is only one military base in Tzímbùtì compared to 750 US military bases in 85 countries around the world. In contrast to the United States, which is protected by two seas and secure borders with Canada and Mexico, China is bordered by Japan, South Korea, and the United States military, so even its surroundings are not safe. The truth is, no hegemonic power in history has kept its arms crossed to watch for the emergence of dangerous competitors, and America, with its White House leadership, is no exception.

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